WildKnits a mother/daughter fiber arts team that grew from Take Heart Farm. Kaylie is the artisan knitter and shop mastermind. She's also a yarn snob, who will only use handspun. She moonlights as a fiber addict's enabler. Tina is the fiber addict, who spins it almost as fast as it arrives. Her passion for all-things-spinning has gotten her into far more yarn production than she ever dreamed possible, so it's good she has a daughter that knits.
...began and continued for 15 years with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Retired from goats now, a small handspinner's flock of sweet sheep was added to supply fiber for WildKnits. The family is almost all grown up, the homeschooling is almost complete, and the love continues to grow. Such a wonderful life that God has provided, and we're so thankfull for His blessings.

Take Heart Farm